Yes, You're Right. Change Is Hard.

But if you have read along this far, you know it’s time:

·      Time to make a change.

·      Time to be the master of your own ship.

·      Time to build a business that can last beyond you.

·      Time to do what’s right for yourself and your family.

·      Time to do what’s right for your clients.


The process of going independent can sometimes bring considerable stress, as it did in my case, so I’d like to lend a hand. Now that I am settled in and happily building my own independent wealth management firm, I am on a personal mission to help wirehouse advisors who are considering their options see the light.

Contact me for a confidential conversation. I’d be happy to spend a few minutes with you sharing my personal insights and advice.

Here’s how to contact me:
Phone: (805) 330-3700
Toll Free: (855) 334-0033

If you’re a journalist, here’s who to contact:
Dan Klein, CEO
Sage Marketing
Phone: (800) 440-2587

You can learn more about my independent wealth management firm here:
Lindsey and Lindsey Wealth Management, Inc.

Or spend some time on my blog, where I share additional insights and advice, including how you can access the “Going Independent” video series from Cooper McManus.

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